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Goodbye to the old ugly scanner machine! Now you can carry a mobile scanner in your pocket. Meet with FastScan.

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FastScan is available for iOS and Android platforms

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Making your daily life easier with FastScan!

Using the phone camera, FastScan serves as a document scanner. It automatically detects any document and process it just like a scanner in few taps.

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Scan with Ease

Scan any document instantly with your mobile device by just a few steps. Save as PDF, JPG, ZIP, TXT and Word format.

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You can instantly try our filters without downloading FastScan. Just tap and swipe, experience the unique filters.

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Scan with Ease

Scan your documents in just a few taps. Watch the easy guide to complete your scan with ease.

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What our users are saying? 👋

This app simplifies books into super condensed but easy-to-digest snippets. Listened to almost all of the Art of Saying No during my warm up.
Andrea S.
Great tool with easy to follow instructions. I scanned and emailed my documents within minutes. Ty Lee, MBA Realtor BHGRE Metro Brokers.
Micheal T.
This app is extremely easy to use and gives you every option you could possibly need to complete any amount of clerical work and gives you the ability to perfect.
Ryan G.
Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Questions Answered Here

Aim your camera at a QR code and fit the code into the borders. Wait for the app to automatically scan the code and display the information connected to it.

  • Documents

    Aim your camera at the document. Fit the document into the screen. The app will detect borders and take a photo automatically (automatic border detection is enabled by default);

    1. Open the FastScan App
    2. Open the scan (􀪋) screen
    3. Find the object to scan and press the capture (􀀁) button.
  • ID Card, Passaport

    Aim your camera at the document. Fit the document into the screen. The app will detect the borders and take a photo automatically (automatic border detection is enabled by default);

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